Hervey Bay Jazz Club March 2018



For those that came, both Members & non-members, (49 in total) we had a superb line-up of top, seasoned (lots of herbs…) musicians, with two that sang as well – Peter Uppman (plus trumpet & sense of humour) & Rodney Ford (plus drums & sense of humour); two creative & talented guitarists – Gordon Matheson & Mark Nahuysen (also with excellent humour) & John Conley plus bass (with cheeky, quiet, sense of humour); but wait – there’s more…
Beautiful red head (always a great start in my book!) Nicole Parker-Brown, gave us heart-felt jazz standards, lots of smiles, musical enjoyment & intuitive & humorous interaction with the band PLUS duets with Peter as well (excellent value-adding!) Nicole is an accomplished vocalist I first enjoyed at a Broadbeach Jazz weekend a few years ago.
In fact, this evening was so very enjoyable, that only one person rushed to catch the early bus!! Everyone else stayed & demanded an encore!! We all agreed to get them back, so we will! Chrissy Hirst – Mdm Presiden

Maryborough Sports Club March 2018 Thank you for an awesome night at The Sports Club Maryborough. We had a great time. Has been a while since we dance swing jive and balboa. We were a bit rusty but we're looking forward to getting back to our dancing again. Jeanette

Hervey Bay Feb 2020  - Thank you

We all had a ball and enjoyed Nicole and the Jazz Kings very much ,what a talented band ,with such personalities. Ann

Flower Fest 2020  - We had a brilliant day in Tedder Ave over the Main Beach Flower Festival sitting & listening to the fabulously talented Nicole Parker-Brown and The Jazz Kings - they made our afternoon - love them.  I hope they can be there again next year.  Love and Smiles - Dominique Corbett

Flower Fest 2020  - Go The Jazz Kings - you can't beat them - Graeme

Flower Fest 2020  - Wonderful band and wonderful day - Bobbie and Paul

Flower Fest 2020  - Fantastic Jazz Group - George Manolis

The Jazz Kings Concert Review – Stu Robertson 101 fm (Brisbane)

Brisbane Jazz Club Friday 18th Dec 2020

Let’s face it. Music soothes, heals, excites, entertains and inspires. Legendary Jazz Drummer and Bandleader, Art Blakey even said “(it) washes away the dust of everyday life.” I’ll go with that.

That very moment when any artist starts to sing or play, is critical. We all want to be entertained, not just played to. And one more observation, if they look like they’re having fun - I am too.

The Jazz Kings performed to a sell-out audience at the Brisbane Jazz Club: they brought their musical goods right through the front door and into our hearts and souls. The key difference is in the delivery. It’s called engagement, the sparkle in their eyes as they share their love of Jazz with everyone in the room. 

The Jazz King’s repertoire is wide, impressive and constantly updated. It includes a couple of original pieces, but you can’t quite tell as they are very cleverly cloaked with the fabric of that particular era. What makes their evening different is their cheerful unpredictability. Not every song has each person doing an instrumental. (Which often can be tedious.) Two tunes might even be performed one after another without a formal introduction.  Look out for some gentle fun inclusion with the audience – that’s the chance to sing along. It’s an old-fashioned but proven concept that has you laughing – and wondering where the night went.

The Team members, in no priority of order are String-masters Gordon Matheson and John Conley on Guitar, Nicole Parker Brown sharing some bouncing Vocals with Peter Uppman – when he isn’t playing Trumpet.  Col Atkinson plays a variety of Basses and croons as well. Matt Brown pats down some great conga beats while Richard Goldner holds a fascinatin’ rhythm on Drums.

All-in-all, a thoroughly entertaining night. I’d go again. And again!