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Loved the The Jazz Kings - Australia at the Brisbane Jazz Club last Friday… especially ‘Ferry Cross the Mersey’, Scat Harmonies, Drum Solo entree and Peter Uppman’s soaring solos and stage antics! Now enjoying their album! Pete Vance xx

Tonight, it's Annie Street, Kangaroo Point…but it could be Bourbon Street in New Orleans…or a 1930’s Prohibition-era Speakeasy in New York…as on stage, there’s a long cool woman in a black dress with a big black rose in her hair…and five just-as-cool dudes in black shirts, black pants, black hats and white ties…. ‘So, please put your hands together for Nicole Parker Brown and The Jazz Kings…here to entertain you with a night of toe-tapping, swinging Jazz, heart-touching Blues and sexy, simmering Soul. And for the launch of their great new album, Blue Jazz’. This combo is very well named…because they are, indeed, Brisbane Jazz Royalty!!

Across two power-packed sets, these six talented musicians, in combinations that changed regularly across the night, lived up to their promotional material by treating a grateful and enthusiastic audience to a wonderful night of standard jazz and blues classics combined with some originals and unique arrangements and delivered with light-hearted humour and extraordinary talent’. Lead vocal responsibilities were shared by Nicole, Peter, Jose, Col and Rod. And each of the instruments was featured in timely, expertly delivered solos.

What a great night!! Thank you…Nicole, Peter, Gordon, Col, Rod and Jose. Alan Smith Brisbane Jazz Club 12 Jan 2024

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Cherrie M

Class Act! 

Christopher K

Real bands,and real musicians.,that what people want.

Dennis C

Val and I were there and witnessed a fantastic performance by a super group! Congratulations Jazz Kings on your performance and your new album release Nicole, Col, Jose, Peter, Gordon and Rod! 

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